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Be Found

The biggest problem your business faces online is no one knows you exist.  What we do is put you in the middle of Times Square on New Years Eve. Everywhere you turn there are customers because you are #1 in Google.

The difference between a #50 ranking in Google and having a #1 ranking is like the difference between having a TV ad spot running at 3 am or an ad showing during the Super Bowl.  That’s what it means to have a #1 ranking.

Your business deserves to be found by the customers looking for your services.  And ranking at the top of Google search results is the most powerful way to be found, beating all other forms of advertising.  We can quantify and dollarize what this can mean to your business.

The key to our client services is our integration of strategic marketing initiatives across various channels using industry best practices and cutting edge tactics to bring clients insane results.

There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside out.  We draw upon years of deep Search Engine Optimization and Web Optimization experience from many of the best in the business to ensure our clients’ success.

We are committed to enhancing our clients’ web presence and boost performance for the long haul.

Get More Customers

We find out what your hottest prospects actually want and we put your website in front of them.  We frame what you do and put it in front of what people are looking for already.   You’re trying to sell meat to vegetarians.  We tailor your website to frame what you do and put it in front of what your customers are already rushing towards.  When they understand what you do is what they want, then they buy You.

We increase your Brand Awareness across the web and social media and help you meet the expectations of your loyal customers.

We know you have big imaginations and aggressive growth goals, but we also know how you are frequently short on time, budget and resources to do as much marketing as you’d like.

We use cutting edge methods to exponentially improve your online presence and significantly increase the number of visitors to your website by getting you top organic rankings in search engines.  This can have a dramatic impact on your business and your ROI.

We can save you hours each week and cut costs by helping you automate some of your social media marketing processes. We can help you streamline your marketing process so you can deliver more effective results faster.

Remarkable marketing doesn’t come from behind a desk, it happens when you’re out there with your customers. Let us help you build closer connections with your loyal customers and help you do new, exciting things online you didn’t think you could do.

Make More Money

What would it mean for your business and your life if you could TRIPLE your revenue?  How many additional customers do you need each month to fulfill your dreams and goals?  Showing up at the top of Google for anyone searching for your services makes it possible.

Let us help you reduce the time it takes to reach more customers who want your products or services and save you tens of thousands of dollars in marketing costs.  How can we put an end to your marketing growing pains?

If you are genuinely interested in stopping your business from hemorrhaging money in lost sales and business,  then contact us and fill out our Discovery Form, and we’ll start saving you money from that moment on.

We will provide you with a free consultation and website analysis that will assess what we can do to help you. This analysis will probably give you more information about your web presence than you’ve ever had.

Contact us at (941) 212-1350 to get started today!

Build Your Brand.  Grow Your Business.  Make More Money.

How Search Engine Salsa is Different

We’re Partners

Our focus is helping you.  We are not some faceless agency.  You’ll get to know us and we’ll know you.  It’s a personal relationship.  We are transparent in what we do and have a client portal to maintain clear lines of communication whenever you have a question, an issue to resolve or need an update.

High Quality Work Done In-House

We insist on doing all our work ourselves and uphold the highest standards of excellence, no outsourcing.  We stick to strict methods that are known to achieve long-term results.  We do not cut corners or use “tricks” and hacks.

No Contracts

We don’t force our clients into long-term commitments, especially if we don’t deliver.  Our services are month to month agreements, and you can cancel at any time by letting us know.  You are paying for results, and we don’t believe in holding you hostage when we don’t deliver the results you want or force you to keep paying for services like most agencies do.

Look, I’m gonna be perfectly honest.  I know most business owners care less about search engine optimization or what it is or how it’s done.  Frankly, many business owners I talk to are tired of being bombarded on a daily basis by calls from telemarketers from agencies offering to get them on page 1 of Google.  I am fully aware that to most people it’s a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that doesn’t mean a hill of beans.   I understand that.

I try to help people understand how Search Engine Optimization can be a means to an end.   It is a vehicle that can help your business get the traffic you need that brings you the growth and revenue you want.

It gives you the ability to grow your business.   Buy more equipment.   Pay your employees more.

It gives you the ability to take care of and spend more time with your kids.

It gives you the ability to reach your retirement goals.

It gives you the ability to take care of health problems.

It gives you the ability to donate to charities you care about.

It allows you to take that vacation you’ve been putting off for far too long.

It allows you to sleep well at night without worrying about the phone calls not coming.

We don’t offer search engine marketing.   We offer businesses first page rankings on Google.   We do SEO to help make that happen.

Let us do the SEO for you so you do what you do best.  Then let the search engine marketing processes bring more customers who are looking for what you do to you because they can now find you.

Search engine optimization done properly, the way our SEO company does it,  goes right to the heart of your business,  amplifying your brand,  increasing the power, credibility and trust of your website.  The result is your business is more visible so that you succeed and thrive.  You will have a distinct advantage over your competitors when your online presence is thoroughly optimized by our SEO experts.

Every business is unique and has its own unique set of customers.  The difference in what we at Search Engine Salsa do versus other marketing agencies is that we customize a plan that will best fit the marketing strategies that are right for each client company.  Agencies typically use a cookie-cutter formula for every business within a certain niche and employ a sort of “canned” and very basic approach to search engine optimization.  This approach has the effect of all the businesses within a given niche having nearly identical websites and content.  The result is your site not standing out and being found by the people who will buy from you.

We apply tested and proven methods using industry standard best practices to establish the trust and credibility of your business focusing on the long term so that you get a sustainable ROI.

There are many factors and variables that are used by search engines to rank websites when someone searches for something.  This is why it is so difficult to achieve sustainable rankings and why search engine marketing is so competitive.  At our SEO company we leave no stone unturned.  We use every tool at our disposal and don’t stop until we achieve the results you want.  Many agencies charge a flat rate using long-term contracts.  They do the basic SEO for your website  and maybe run a PPC advertising campaign for you and then keep charging you for the service, regardless where your site ranks.  This approach is more costly and less effective.

Our process begins with effective keyword research.  Your customers are looking for a solution to a problem they have and they use search engines to find the solutions.  We find what they are looking for and rushing toward and we optimize your website to put it in front of those people looking for what you have.  When people understand you have what they want, they buy from you.

We focus on your most lucrative keywords and services and get your site ranked in the organic search results where 90 percent of the consumers are clicking through for the information they want.   We can quantify this data and “dollarize” it for you.  We give you a detailed analysis report showing you how the right keywords can increase your traffic. You will know how much money you are losing to your competitors or missing out on by not being found by your customers. We research what your competition is doing online.  We move your site from languishing in the desert to proudly standing out front at the busiest intersection in town.

What this means for you is highly targeted traffic finding your business right when they need you most.

At Search Engine Salsa we create a Win-Win-Win situation.  Our clients Win because we come in and help them promote their business in a cost-effective way,  they’re able to reach out to more customers and to grow.  The Customer Wins because they can now find the best business to help them, not just the one who has the biggest budget for advertising.  And finally,  we win because we get paid for our professional SEO expert services based on the ROI for the client.  The reasonable fees we get paid are based on the return on investment to the client for the work we’re doing, which is measurable and quantifiable.  Our service is exceptional, and we stand behind our work.

We’d like to provide you with a free consultation and website analysis.  This analysis will  honestly assess your online presence and suggest changes we can make to improve your business.  Contact us at (941) 212-1350 to get started today!

Stop Losing Money to Your Competitors

Free traffic is the lifeblood that every business needs. It’s what brings you your customers – the people searching for what you do. And it brings you the money. If you aren’t the one getting the traffic, then it is most likely going to your competitors, and they are doing well, and you are losing money.


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