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Simple and Effective Is The Motto We Live By

Whether you need Traffic to your website or company Branding Awareness – we can help. Search Engine Salsa is Sarasota’s Best Search Engine Marketing Firm.  We help you Cut Marketing Costs, Grow Your Business and Deliver Better Customer Experiences.  We get traffic to your business with insane results, and that’s what gets you the money.

Search Engine Salsa combines deep Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Optimization and Social Marketing experience with extensive industry expertise.  We have a unique blend of Special Sauce and leverage our proven methodology and industry standard best practices to give our clients a true competitive advantage.

We can help take any business to the next level by connecting them with the customers that are looking for their products and services and increasing the trust and authority of their Brand.

We have a time tested and proven methodology to get results that we apply in a customized plan for every client.  Each business is unique, and so is our plan to help them reach their goals.  We do not offer “canned” or standard packages for our SEO services.  We tailor what we do specific to your business needs.

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Wayne Walter with a monster bass in Sarasota, FL

Wayne Walter

Owner/Founder/SEO Consultant

Wayne is a former US Army Ranger and Security Contractor where he served more than 6 years in Iraq performing High Threat Security for high level dignitaries. He also has an extensive background in IT and network infrastructures.

Once he discovered search engine optimization and how powerful it can be, he now leverages his skills to help small and medium businesses turn their websites into money-making machines.

Wayne networks and collaborates regularly with the top SEO experts in the world to consistently hone his skills and knowledge and remain at the cutting edge of Google updates and what methods are working best in search engine marketing.

My Why

The person who mentored me and taught me how to provide the services I do taught me this important principle for why we do what we do in our business, which is the business of Search Engine Optimization.

Much like when Walmart came through and wiped out a lot of small businesses, Google is kind of doing the same thing to small businesses – they’re just doing it online.  So what happens is, if you’re just a local business like a local roofer or plumber, someone who works hard trying to provide for your family,  trying to provide good services to your local community, Google wants you to buy Adwords.    There’s no secret this is how Google makes their revenue – selling Adwords.  So Google doesn’t want anyone getting traffic or any kind of value from Google unless they are paying for it.   They can’t do that completely, though, but one thing they do is allow the larger, dominant sites sort of take over the markets.

Say you’re a local plumber,  maybe your dad taught you, it’s a family business.  You don’t have a lot of choices out there right now to promote your business online.

One choice is to go to third party companies like HomeAdvisor.com, AngiesList, Thumbtack.com, places like that,  and what they are gonna do is take a big chunk out of the money you make.  They will promote you, but it’s gonna cost you, and they aren’t really adding value for you.  What they do is make another barrier between that plumber and the customer that needs that plumber.

Another option you have is you just pay Google by buying Adwords.

A third choice is to go to a large advertising company, and there are several.  And what these companies do is convince a small business to make a 12-month contract with them, and they’ll setup a local page for the business and then charge about $3000 per month to manage about $300 per month of Pay per Click ads for the local business.  And good luck trying to get out of those contracts!  They make it very difficult to leave the contract, and some take an Act of Congress to get out of.

So those are basically the choices most small businesses have … unless they want to do things for themselves.

I come in and sort equalize things for the small businesses.  I am able to help them, for a reasonable fee, to connect directly with their customers and to grow their business.  I know the people in the businesses I work for.  I can help them grow and hire more people and help them achieve their life goals.  It’s a personal and meaningful relationship.

I create a Win-Win-Win situation.  My clients Win because I come in and help them promote their business in a cost-effective way,  they’re able to reach out to more customers and to grow.  The Customer Wins because they can now find the best business to help them, not just the one who has the biggest budget for advertising.  And finally,  I win because I get paid for my services and that is based on my ROI for the client.  The fees I get paid are based on the return on investment to the client for the work I’m doing, which is measurable and quantifiable.

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