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The key to our client services is our integration of strategic marketing initiatives across various channels using industry best practices and cutting edge tactics to bring clients insane results.

There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside out.  We draw upon years of deep Search Engine Optimization and Web Optimization experience from many of the best in the business to ensure our clients’ success.

We are committed to enhancing our clients’ web presence skills and boost performance for the long haul.

Branding and Social Marketing

We increase your Brand Awareness across the web and social media and help you meet the expectations of your loyal customers.
We know you have big imaginations and aggressive growth goals, but we also know how you are frequently short on time, budget and resources to do as much marketing as you’d like.
We can save you hours each week and cut costs by helping you automate some of your social media marketing processes. We can help you streamline your marketing process so you can deliver more effective results faster.
Remarkable marketing doesn’t come from behind a desk, it happens when you’re out there with your customers. Let us help you build closer connections with your loyal customers and help you do new, exciting things on social media you didn’t think you could do.

Save Time and Money

Let us help you reduce the time it takes to reach more customers who want your products or services and save you tens of thousands of dollars in marketing costs.  How can we put an end to your marketing growing pains?

If you are genuinely interested in stopping your business from hemorrhaging money in lost sales and business,  then contact us and fill out our Discovery Form, and we’ll start saving you money from that moment on.

We will provide you with a free consultation and website analysis that will assess what we can do to help you. This analysis will probably give you more information about your web presence than you’ve ever had.

Contact us at (941) 212-1350 to get started today!

How Search Engine Salsa is Different

Look, I’m gonna be perfectly honest.  I know most business owners could care less about search engine optimization or what it is or how it’s done.  I am fully aware that to most people it’s a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that doesn’t mean a hill of beans.  I understand that.

I try to help people understand how Search Engine Optimization can be a means to an end.  It is a vehicle that can help your business get the traffic you need that brings you the growth and revenue you want.

It gives you the ability to grow your business.

It gives you the ability to take care of and spend more time with your kids.

It gives you the ability to reach your retirement goals.

It gives you the ability to take care of health problems.

It gives you the ability to donate to charities you care about.

It allows you to take that vacation you’ve been putting off for far too long.

It allows you to sleep well at night without worrying about the phone calls not coming.

Let us do the SEO for you so you do what you do best.  Then let the SEO bring more customers who are looking for what you do to you because they can now find you.

Stop Losing Money to Your Competitors

Free traffic is the lifeblood that every business needs. It’s what brings you your customers – the people searching for what you do. And it brings you the money. If you aren’t the one getting the traffic, then it is most likely going to your competitors, and they are doing well, and you are losing money.


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