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Christine and James,

Thanks for the opportunity to provide you with this Free Video Analysis consultation for your website. I hope you find it both informative and helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

This whole process involves a lot of moving parts. The end results are going to be much more than just a sum of the individual pieces. If we follow the method and do all the things we are supposed to do, it works and gives reproducible results. It’s only a matter of time, energy and resources.

If you have any questions you can call me at (941) 212-1350 or email me at wayne@searchenginesalsa.com.


Here is a copy of the spreadsheet I used for the keyword calculations for you to download and experiment with:

Traffic Spreadsheet


Notes from the Video Analysis.

Let’s start with the end in mind and let me show an example of the final results of what all I do.  This is the goal we want to achieve for you.

Social Media.  I’m gonna setup and optimize all your social profiles for you.  The Big ones like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and then many, many others.  I do this to help show Google you have a strong brand presence and that your brand is something you really pay attention to.  Google really pays attention to how businesses are using social media and social signals because they are looking to see if businesses are engaging with their customers and if their customers are Liking, Sharing and Tweeting about the business.  If they are, then Google sees that as the business is bringing value to its customers.  So Google moves you up in the search rankings.  I put a lot of effort into building up what I call a Social Fortress around you and your Brand and making sure it shows Google how great you are.

YouTube.   You can and should be using YouTube as a way to make yourself known and let people know how you can help them in a relaxed and informative way.  YouTube makes an excellent platform for this, plus it is easier to start to get ranking in YouTube and get some traffic and potential clients coming to you from YouTube. In other words, it is going to be far easier and faster for us to rank a video for your for the keyword “ombre hair Sarasota” than your website, and you will get traffic from that video. You essentially have a free platform for video advertising with a captive audience, and you want to make good use of it because it is that powerful. It ties all your other important social sites together with Google and sends them into your website. Google owns YouTube, and they work together to make your website more powerful.  Your website makes your YouTube channel more powerful, and YouTube channel makes your website more powerful.  This will have a big impact on getting more people to your site.  We really can’t emphasize enough how powerful these work together.  You will capture traffic from people searching YouTube and Google, and you can rank in both.

1. Keywords. We want people to search for services that your company provides and they find you.  It all starts there.  So we begin with Keywords, secondary keywords, then all sorts of variations, related keywords and synonyms.

– Google Keyword Planner

– Traffic Calculator Spreadsheet

Keyword Competition.  The next step in our keyword research is to evaluate the competition.  We have to assess how big the competition is for the keywords we choose as our primary focus.   we need to be able to frame our ability to overtake them in Google in terms of how much time, resources and energy it’s gonna take.

From this analysis we can even make adjustments and decide to go for easier keywords in the beginning to get traffic from those.  Traffic is money, and we won’t turn down any money.  So if it makes sense to adjust our keywords planning, we can do that in stages.

2. Basics of On-Page Analysis

On-Page Structure.  Google is a robot and comes into a website and tries to follow the structure of a site and then does its best to figure out what the site is about so it can index it for future users.  It can’t think, so if we tell Google all about our site in the way Google likes and understands things, then we all win – Google is happy because it can read and follow and understand the site easily; we win because Google is happy and likes to promote our site; and the users win because they find the information they are looking for.  That’s our whole mission here in this part of our work.

The key during this part of our work is to make your site about the things we decided are most profitable for you and that people are searching for the most, and then we help Google understand that these are the focus of what your site is about.

I’m going to go about structuring your pages of your website based on the most profitable and relevant keywords.  We need to do this with every one of your categories of services, and those categories are defined by what our target keywords are ——> which were based on thorough market research.

Conversion. Visual aspects of your site that make it easy for people to find your brand, how to contact you, how to get an case evaluation, and so on.

– Address

– Phone Number

– Call to Action  “Call Us Today”,  etc.

Interaction.  We want people to stay on the site and engage with you.

– We want to make it easy for people to give you Likes and Shares in social media with interaction buttons

– We want it to be easy for people to give you Reviews

– We want easy Contact Forms

– We want them to add their emails to your List so you can continue to market to them and give them value via email on a regular basis.

– We want a lot of rich media on your site where it is relevant (photos, videos, etc.)

Google-Friendly.  We need to install Google Webmaster Tools and configure your site with a lot of elements to facilitate Google doing what it needs to do on your site effectively.

– We’ll do the same for Bing

Pagespeed loading.  Here, I’m going to optimize your web pages so your web pages load quick enough.  This is actually a pretty big thing with Google, and Google evaluates your site accordingly.  Let me throw your site into Google’s page speed test:



Mobile-Friendly.  Here’s another one Google will ding you for these days.  We need to get  your website mobile-friendly.  We want to get that box checked by Google, though, because it will have a fairly big impact on our rankings, and for certain with people searching with mobile devices for our keywords.  If someone is searching on a mobile device for your keywords, and your pages with those keywords aren’t mobile optimized, Google won’t give them to searchers.

Let me just show you how Google looks at your site:  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

3. Off-Page.

– Google+ and Google MyBusiness

– We are also going to set you up in Bing Places.  Bing Places is similar to Google My Business and still very important to take advantage of because remember, every PC and tablet with some form of Windows comes with Bing set as the default search engine.  Many inexperienced users will never change that to Google.

– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

– Lots more social sites. Get your foundational branding out there.  I will set you up in all of the important social sites that most businesses use, and more.  Again, we’re building up your brand and getting it out there … everywhere so not only people see it, but also the search engines.

– Citations. Citations are about listing your business in proper directories, and it is very important to have accurate listings. These are very significant ranking factors. I will painstakingly get you listed in many of the appropriate directories.

– Reviews. You need reviews and you need a certain type to rank in Google, and this factor is becoming more important over time.  The more the better, the more positive the better, although negative reviews are not necessarily bad  –  Google knows this and accounts for this in ranking.

– Google MyBusiness  –  you want 4-5 reviews on this AND at least 3 reviews on a couple of the others, a nice variety in other words.  This tells Google this is a legitimate business.  I’m gonna push to get you these Reviews and make it easy for your customers and anyone else to give them.

– I’m also gonna get you those Stars you see when sites show up in Google Search Results.

– And we want Facebook Reviews.

– Next is to establish the trust and authority of your site thru Authority sources. These are sites Google knows and trusts because real businesses use them.  Gains more legitimacy and trust for your company.  These are places like The Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, professional associations for attorneys, and so forth.

– Then we have the Press Release.  I use Press Releases to get a lot of attention about your business by submitting important news about you to all kinds of news and news media outlets.  You get national attention from this, and it can generate a lot of interest in your website and business.

– Social Signals.  We want to create buzz about your firm and get people Sharing about it, Liking it, and tweeting about it, and there are lots of ways to do this.  We think out of the box.  There are lots of creative things we can do in this regard.

– Offsite linking.

The best analogy I can use to explain these last two concepts are like this, and these areas are where I really work my magic.  Imagine you’ve got Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio all tweeting that I am the hottest new star in Hollywood right now.  See, all these guys have power and influence in Hollywood.  They are trusted.  Do you think my website is gonna go up in rankings with these guys tweeting about me?  Exactly.  So I build a network of trusted and powerful websites all talking about your website.  Google sees this and moves your website up …

This whole process involves a lot of moving parts.  The end results are going to be much more than just a sum of the individual pieces.  If we follow the method and do all the things we are supposed to do, it works and gives reproducible results.  It’s only a matter of time, energy and resources.

If you have any questions you can call me at  (941) 212-1350 or email me at wayne@searchenginesalsa.com