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Paul and Julie,

Thanks for the opportunity to provide you with this Free Video Analysis consultation for your website. I hope you find it both informative and helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

This whole process involves a lot of moving parts. The end results are going to be much more than just a sum of the individual pieces. If we follow the method and do all the things we are supposed to do, it works and gives reproducible results. It’s only a matter of time, energy and resources.  I’m really looking forward to this project and your success.

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Notes from the Video Analysis.


What we are doing here is to analyze why certain websites are ranking in Google and why other sites are not and determine what the ranking sites are doing to rank and what we should be doing that we are not doing.  Then we can do things to get us to rank higher so we can get more targeted traffic to get more sales of Julie’s books.

Let’s start looking at keywords Google sees for your site and what ranks where.

Then we’ll look at other sites getting a lot of traffic and see what they are doing with keywords to get that traffic.

This will give us all kinds of ideas for keywords to go after and give us even more keyword ideas to target

We are looking for keywords that will bring in more traffic to your site.

What we want to do from this is to look at the keywords that are ranking or that we want to achieve rank for and optimize our content and URLs for those keywords in our site – we want to build relevant content to support those keywords because that’s where the search traffic is.

Next we do individual keyword research.

This will give us an idea of what the big keyword terms are that we want to go after that are not currently in our site.  This is where we also find additional keywords that can bring you traffic that you have overlooked,  and we can add content to support those into your website to bring additional traffic.  We are trying to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible that are actively searching for information.

Next we closely examine the Anchor Text and show how we can be better with Anchor Text and Anchor Text distribution in our backlinks

Anchor text is simply the words that other websites use to talk about your site when they give you a referral.  A backlink is just like a business referral, and the anchor text is what they say about your content or site.

So to put it simply, what we’re doing here is looking closely at what the successful websites are doing and just emulate that to get the same success, then we can go for passing them if they are competitors.   We want our share of the traffic, which hopefully will convert to sales of Julie’s books.

Now we are going to put the URLs for these winning sites into ahrefs and look at their Domain Rank, then their anchor text and Titles.

Quality backlinks that are Relevant with good Anchor Text gives the ranking.

We can find where we can put in better keyword optimized anchor text links to beat the competition.

***To beat competition, we can build better optimized keyword anchor text!!!

So what really matters in ranking  are:

  • the keywords in the URL and Titles and content of the pages of our site
  • then high quality backlinks from good referring domains using relevant anchor text
  • and Domain age.  

These are the main factors we are looking at.