What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Do I Need It?

Let me show you what Search Engine Optimization is from my perspective. Try and forget for a moment what you believe about search engine optimization.

Open up Google and type in say, “dentist Sarasota” or “chiropractor Sarasota.”

The results at the top of Google’s search results page are paying to be there in the paid Adwords section. They are paying for their traffic. And the more they pay, the higher at the top they are.

Let me point out the organic results below. These are free listings. This is free traffic.

Now freely available data  show us that only 12-15 percent of ALL the traffic arriving on this search engine results page (SERP) will click on any of the ads.

85-88 percent of the traffic will skip the ads and go to the organic results to find what they are looking for.

And 75 percent of all the clicks through to websites will be on the first 5 listings.

These are things people are actively online searching for to buy or solve their problems right now, and you aren’t getting in front of them, so you’re missing out on all this business. Meanwhile your competitors are, so they are getting this business.

Now go to page 4 and find a dentist or chiropractic clinic. Imagine what the change would be like for this dentist or chiropractor if I move them from there on page 4 to the top of page 1?

I’m gonna tell you. That will change their business dramatically. They’re gonna get more eyes on them, they’re gonna get more phone calls, it’s gonna change that business big time.

So, that’s the power of search engine optimization.

Now you should understand all of the businesses that are found on this first page are going to get more clicks to their website, more phone calls, more visibility, more customers, … more everything.

Search engine optimization moves you up into these top search results, and that brings you the traffic you need for your business.

Here’s another way to put it. A plumber knows how to come into your house and turn a wrench and get that water flowing again. Well I can take a plumber’s website that is way back on page 4 or wherever it may be positioned in Google and move it to page 1. It’s like I can turn a wrench and get the flow of leads and phone calls coming to that plumber.

If you want to have a successful business, you need search engine optimization. You’d be really surprised what can happen to your business when you start getting top positions in Google. I can tell you story after story how this has turned businesses around and helped them change from just getting by to a thriving, growing business. I can help you win.

When you get ranked on Google, all of a sudden this changes EVERYTHING for you. You are now accessible to everyone. If someone pulls out their cell phone and searches for one of your keywords, they find you. You go from not being known to being accessible at any given moment to everyone who needs your products and services.

You can have the greatest store in the world, but if it’s sitting out in the desert, it does no one any good. BUT if you can run a whole line of cars past that store, it makes all the difference. Free traffic controls the money on the internet. No matter what you’ve got to sell or services you provide, we get free traffic to your business and that is what gets the money. You get that traffic going past your store, even if it is in the middle of the desert. You can sell your stuff.

As a local business, when you are at the top of the search engines, you have a massive advantage over your competitors! If you can get people to your site by being at the top of the search engines, you are most of the way there to getting sales. All you really need from there is for your site to be able to get people to pick up the phone, or fill out a form to contact you or get a free estimate or hire you.


Why Hire a Florida

Search Engine Optimization Expert?

There are web design and marketing agencies out there a dime a dozen that say they will build you a website that “converts” and that is optimized for search engines and social media.  These are mostly packaged deals, and many do build a quality website.  Website designers don’t understand search engine optimization well, though, and unless that agency has skilled SEO experts on their staff, mostly what you get is a decent website with the most basic and rudimentary search engine optimization done for it.  In many cases, this is nothing more than some Meta and keyword tags placed into the code in your site.  They charge you a $500 flat fee, or maybe $500 per month for your “SEO.”  Even GoDaddy is offering this as a service when you get a website with them now. Then these companies check the box – SEO … done!  Social media buttons on the site … done!  These approaches have very little, if any, effect, and that’s why your site isn’t anywhere near the first page of Google right now.  And certainly launching just a website isn’t enough.  You can have a beautiful, awesome website, and it won’t be doing you any good if nobody can find it.

Competition to get on the first page of search engines is fierce, just like in the physical real estate world.  It’s all about Location, Location, Location, and businesses who are serious about success know this.  They fight for the best locations in real estate AND in Google.  The battles in online marketing competition are extremely difficult today.  Plus, the search engines themselves are continuously evolving and adapting their ranking algorithms, making it even more complex.  A wrong move in your site’s on-page keyword optimization or other forms of web optimization can lead to your site being penalized by the search engines.  A little bit of “Mickey Mouse” SEO ain’t gonna get you where you need to be. And poorly done SEO can be like a boat anchor for your website and all your marketing efforts.  Don’t let this happen to your business.


Why Search Engine Salsa?

Search engines use their own recipes called algorithms to organize all their information into usable search results. If you own a website, it is key for you to get higher rankings in the search engines to get in front of the people who need your services. The key to higher rankings is you want the ingredients of your website to fit into the recipes of the search engines.

Most web design and marketing agencies, especially those that offer packages to “make it easy” for dentists, chiropractors, and so on, build a cookie-cutter website and they do incorporate some basic aspects of SEO. But that’s as far as it goes – they are just the standard, ultra-basic, canned approach.

Is your website on the first page of Google after you have used these services for a period of 6 months? If your website design and SEO company is doing what they are supposed to do and what they charge you for, shouldn’t you be on page 1? I analyze websites day after day, and I see the results local businesses’ websites are getting from these standard medical and dental website agencies that many practices in Sarasota and surrounding areas use. And frankly, I can see they don’t do much. They may help you some and may get you in the first ten pages of Google, but when I analyze local business sites using such services they aren’t getting much organic traffic.

Organic traffic is free traffic. Most marketing agencies are setup to get you paid traffic through paid advertising using a set advertising budget.

When we work to do your search engine marketing for you, we make it our mission to get you to the first page of Google. We go to work for you and don’t stop doing what we do until you are where you need to be.

Success in life and in business, just as in football games, is a matter of inches. It is usually the smallest things that make the biggest difference, especially if you just keep doing them, inch by inch. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is 1 inch …. the difference between living and dying is 1 inch. We fight for that inch for you.

Additionally, Wayne of Search Engine Salsa cares about each client’s business and personally visits each business to get a better feel of what they do and why, their product focus and personality of the business.

“I know the people in the businesses I work for. I can help them grow and hire more people and help them achieve their life goals. It’s a personal and meaningful relationship. “ – Wayne Walter

There is the typical, usual way of doing search engine optimization, and then there’s the way that we do it, and there is a big difference. A vast difference, in fact. And we get results because again, we do not stop until we get the results we said we will get you. The results we get you are first page rankings in search engines. That brings free traffic from the internet predictably and successfully to your website for you.

Free traffic is the lifeblood that every business needs. It’s what brings you your customers – the people searching for what you do. And it brings you the money. If you aren’t the one getting the traffic, then it is most likely going to your competitors, and they are doing well, and you are losing money.