Here’s Why You Should Get a Mobile Friendly Website Today.




You could be losing a lot of customers now with recent updates in Google’s mobile search criteria.

A common question that digital marketing agencies get asked is, “Do I really need a Mobile Website?”

The Answer is Yes.  Now more than ever before, having a mobile-friendly version of your website is absolutely a Must-Do!

Here are some of the TOP Reasons:

1. Since late 2015 searchers are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets much more than desktop computers.  Close to 70 percent of customers looking for your website are doing so on mobile devices.  If your website is not mobile-friendly chances are they will find your competition instead of you.

2. Several times since early 2015 Google has warned website owners that if their sites are not mobile-friendly, they will rank much lower than websites that ARE mobile-friendly.  Google even made several tools available to test and improve your mobile presence.

3. Even if searchers DO get to your website, if they ARE on a mobile device and your site is not mobile-friendly, they are 67 percent more likely to click the Back button and visit your competitor.

Can YOUR business afford to lose 70 percent of your customers to your competition?  If your answer is NO, Contact us today to learn how we can get your site mobile-friendly and ready to receive new customers in just a matter of days.

Over the last year, Google has been modifying its search algorithms to penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly.

Here is a recent warning to webmasters from Google to make websites more mobile friendly.

This means that non-mobile-friendly sites are getting less and less traffic with each new update.

The good news is, it’s easy to fix.

Google has been working hard to get the information out to savvy web professionals, so we can keep our clients’ sites optimized for the new algorithms as the changes roll out … but as a busy business owner, you may not have time to keep informed of these kinds of things and stay ahead of them so you don’t lose business.

It’s easy to tell if a site is mobile-friendly.  Google has provided a handy search tool, here.   Enter your site’s URL and you can see how Google views whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, and friends, and all that matters is how Google sees your site.  If you can see that Google has marked your site as having failed the mobile-friendly test … that means you are losing traffic.

The screenshots below show an example of what a non-mobile-friendly website (top) looks like compared to a mobile-friendly website (bottom). See the difference. Notice how the mobile site has a large,  Call Us button so the user can easily call your business right from their mobile phone.  The non-mobile site shows no contact information whatsoever. It’s easy to see which website will get more phone calls.

Example Site that is Not mobile friendly


Example of a True Mobile Website

You can also search Google on your phone or tablet for “your keyword and city”  Here (if you’re searching on a mobile device) you can see how  Google alerts mobile users as to which sites are mobile-friendly … and whether yours does or does not currently have this seal of approval.

Here’s why having a mobile friendly site is so important to your business:

1)  Nearly 70% of searches for local businesses are made on mobile devices … and that percentage is increasing every day.

2)  With every algorithm update, Google is sending less and less traffic to non-mobile-friendly sites, which means yours is missing out.

3)  When a user is searching for a “Sarasota dentist” on a mobile device, they are probably looking to buy your services … right now.  This is the highest quality kind of traffic available, and you need a mobile-friendly site to be the one they find.

4)  If a mobile user clicks through to a site that does not prominently display a clickable phone number they can call with one touch, right from their phone, along with a map to your location, they are 67% more likely to click away in search of a more user-friendly site, probably your competitor’s.  Is your site missing these critical features?

So really right now you could be losing a lot of customers and a lot of visibility by not fixing this problem. We can fix this sort of problem very inexpensively. If you would like more information about it, please give us a call at this number (941) 212-1350.

Now Here’s the Full Scoop on this Mobile-Friendly Problem and Why You Really Need a True Mobile Website

You’ve got these articles talking about how serious the problem is.

From Google

There are other articles in media you can find backing this up – all current ones.

If you are a business owner, I really want to help you understand this important fact:

There are two search engines in Google.  There’s the desktop search engine, and another one is the mobile search engine used for mobile devices.  It’s two separate search engines.

So what Google is basically saying is if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then your website could lose all it’s ranking AND those websites that ARE mobile-friendly will move up in rankings.  Google is dead serious about this now, and they are essentially saying, “Look we’ve been telling you about this.  Please fix it, or we’re gonna hurt you if you don’t.”

70 percent of all mobile searchers call a business directly from the search results.  This is a fact reported from Google from 2013 – it may be more now.

You could lose almost 70 percent of all your traffic, which is how much traffic is mobile now.  That could mean up to 70 percent of your business lost.

Now there is something else really important you should understand. There are actually two issues with your site not being mobile-friendly.

Number 1 Is that you have the issue with Google  with your site not being mobile-friendly and that’s gonna cause you to lose your rankings and traffic.

Number 2.  You have a User Experience issue because your site is NOT User-Friendly to people using their cell phones.

So what I want you to really get is that even if your site is Mobile-Friendly and even if your desktop site ranks #1 in Google, if people search your keyword on a mobile phone and get to your site like this on it, they’re just going to click back away.  They can’t find the phone number or Call Now button and they can’t easily get Driving Directions.  This hurts you in conversions and sales.  People are just going to hit the Back Button and leave your site immediately.

So even if your website is mobile friendly if it isn’t User Friendly when people get to your site with a cell phone, they are just going to click away, and your mobile rankings are going to disappear.

I want you to understand you are getting hit TWICE here:

1. Your site is not mobile-friendly and

2. You do not have a mobile website so you are losing customers and rankings.

The User Experience is a zero.  It’s a double-whammy.

OK so we can fix both of these issues quickly and inexpensively.

There are two critical features to have on your mobile website.  People looking for a business or service on their cell phone need a phone number to CALL you and a way to FIND you – a map with driving directions.

These are the two main things need when people find you on your mobile website.

Click to Call is important to Consumers Across the Board

Here is some more fascinating data from Google:

62% of consumers searching for auto parts and services would be very likely to use click to call, and 57% would use click to call to compare pricing.

“ We took a look at our our own internal data and found that almost 3 out 4 calls resulting from mobile search lasted longer than 30 seconds, and that calls from ads lasted on average six minutes. This suggests that the majority of calls generated by mobile search  are not quick informational calls, but instead are more substantive research or transactional calls. “ – Google

It’s clear mobile searchers are either looking to buy right then and there, or they are just comparing prices real quick before making a final decision, in which case they are still buyers.

Here’s another reason that Click to Call Button is so important for your business.

The call button influences Brand Perception.

“The ability to call a business directly from the search results not only helps to drive purchases, but is also an important factor in brand perception. Nearly half of mobile searchers, indicated that the lack of a call option would lead them to be both frustrated with the business and more likely to turn to another brand. Additionally, 33% said that they would be less likely to refer the brand to others and would be less likely to use the brand in the future.” – Google

Mobile Website vs. Responsive Website

A lot of people don’t understand the difference between a Mobile website and a Responsive website, and they get confused believing that because their website is “Mobile Responsive,” then it must be Mobile Friendly.  That’s just not the case.

What a Responsive website does is change its size based on what device is viewing it.  So what a Responsive website does it takes your website and resizes it so it fits better on the screen of whatever device you are looking at it on.

A Responsive website may or may not be mobile-friendly.  And the problem is most responsive websites are NOT a good User Experience.  You NEED to have a website with a good user experience – you need a mobile website.

A Mobile website fits everything that is important to a person viewing the site with a cell phone right on the screen.  And it gives a phone number and way to click to call AND a map and driving directions.

The responsive website shrinks the website down to fit smaller devices, while a TRUE mobile website gives a perfect view of the site AND a good user experience by reorganizing the aspects of the website and only gives a mobile user the things they need.  That’s the big difference between the two.

Remember the main two things that people do on mobile devices is they need to be able to click on a phone number and they need to be able to click on a Map.  If you are the kind of business that makes appointments or give Quotes then the ability to schedule an appointment or get a quick Quote is also extremely important.

Now the next thing to realize is that a Mobile-Friendly Website isn’t necessarily a Mobile Website.

Here is an example of a Mobile-Friendly website that is NOT a Mobile website because it’s not User Friendly.

Example site that IS mobile friendly but NOT User friendly


What you NEED is a Mobile website that is Mobile-Friendly.  You don’t need a Responsive website and you sure do not want a Non Mobile-friendly website.

Here is an example of a Before and After comparison.  Notice in the “Before” screenshot below the website is actually mobile friendly.  But you can clearly see how it is not User Friendly to mobile users and not effective for the business, which is a restaurant in this case.  The “After” screenshot shows how it can be easily fixed with our Mobile website services.

Example showing a mobile website that is not user friendly Before and After is has been fixed so it is mobile user friendly

Before and After improvement on a mobile friendly site to make it User Friendly to mobile users.

If you would like to see how your site currently looks on mobile devices compared to what it could look like when fixed to be a true mobile site please fill out your details below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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